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Circulation Revitalizating Body Lotion 8.4 oz

Image of Circulation Revitalizating Body Lotion 8.4 oz


This body milk contains spicy hot paprika that reduces the appearance of cellulite and promotes elasticity of localized body skin areas. It is also a perfect warming-up product before exercise.

Skin Types / Skin Conditions:
dry skin
skin sensitivity
chloasma, age spots or other blemishes
male skin conditions
stretch marks and pregnancy skin care
inflamed follicles after waxing or shaving
all skin types, especially skin with hyperpigmentation, warts, chloasma, freckles
irritated skin (e.g. psoriasis, eczema)
sensitive skin
sunburn, photo-damage

fades hyperpigmentation (blemishes, chloasma, sunburn, age spots, freckles etc)
heals wounds
anti-inflammatory effect

Directions for application:
Apply body lotion to clean skin and massage it in. Use twice daily or after every shower or bath.

Stonecrop, Yarrow, Corn Germ Oil, Shea Butter, Citric Acids, Malic Acid, Malonic Acid, Free Amino Acids, Phenol Carbonic Acids, Vitamins C and E, Bioflavonoids, Chlorophyll, Mineral Salts, Trace Elements