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Rose Petal Whipped Moisturizer 1.7 oz

Image of Rose Petal Whipped Moisturizer 1.7 oz


Your skin regains its vitality with this sweet-smelling whipped moisturizer made from hundreds of organically grown red rose petals. Beneficial for non-sensitive, water- and oil deficient aging skin with loose pores, skin with slightly thickened keratin layer, or for overwrought skin. With its nourishing and refreshing effects it promotes the elasticity of the skin. Use it as a day or night cream to treat the face, neck and décolleté area.

Skin Types / Skin Conditions:
dry skin
normal/combination skin
skin sensitivity
non-problematic premature and mature skin
loss of elasticity
water- and oil deficiency
aging skin with loose pores
skin prone to eczema, allergy and inflammation
skin with slightly thickened keratin layer
overwrought skin

charges skin with vitamins
increases elasticity
supplements oil deficiency

Directions for application:
Apply a thin layer of moisturizer after cleansing skin and applying toner and serum. Use moisturizer as a final step of your daily regime in the morning and the evening.

Rose Petals, Rose Oil, Corn Germ Oil, Vitamin C and E, Bioflavonoids, Tannin, Minerals, Trace Elements